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What people whine about on Reddit is that they have to pay for each photo that they view. When you are on a site that costs $2 a month, that means you have to spend $10 a month to see all the pictures. What a huge waste of money! You could be living in a small apartment and still own this massive amount of social media space! This is why so many people use places like Reddit to find true love. Dating is hard because there is so much cultural diversity that it is hard to figure out women like you. The point is that I don’t think any of you are trying to hard to fit in. We are all a lot of different races. The key is that there are places online where you can hookup with like-minded partners who want to get serious with each other. There are tools and special software programs that help you figure out what it is that you are looking for, and then you can use these resources to figure out if you are attracted to anyone. What is the biggest reason that women are rushing to dating hookup sites? It’s all about race and sexual orientation. If you are Asian and black, or a woman who is blonde or red-heads, it doesn’t matter how beautiful or attractive you are. White women are on the top of the list. This all makes dating harder because there is not one group that people consider ‘normal’. In fact, there is an actual term for people who fall outside of the usual norm: Bi-Whites. They only date Asian girls, but they are just as bad at finding partners as the normals. You can learn about the same dating techniques used by the Asians using the top Reddit dating communities. It’s crazy how Reddit has turned out to be the place where half of the world’s population is building relationships and getting serious.

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